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Celtic Player Roy Aitken, Managers & Teammates

Aitken, Roy

Date of Birth24/11/1958
Place of BirthIrvine
Signed FromCeltic Youth
Sold ToNewcastle United
Games Played682 [Show all]
Games Started682
Games On As Sub0
Goals56 (including 4 penalties)
Yellow Cards0
Red Cards0

Managers Selected By (including times as substitute)

ManagerNum Times Played Under
McNeill, Billy376
Hay, David199
Stein, Jock92
Fallon, Sean15

In Starting Lineup Alongside

PlayerNum Times In Starting Lineup With
Burns, Tommy439
Bonner, Pat419
McGrain, Danny417
MacLeod, Murdo374
McStay, Paul360
McAdam, Tom338
Provan, Davie281
Latchford, Peter217
McGarvey, Frank213
MacDonald, Roddie181
Grant, Peter180
McClair, Brian169
Reid, Mark160
Whyte, Derek160
McCluskey, George150
Doyle, Johnny144
Edvaldsson, Johannes133
Lynch, Andy124
Johnston, Mo122
Morris, Chris114
Sullivan, Dom106
Glavin, Ronnie99
Nicholas, Charlie97
Sneddon, Alan97
Rogan, Anton94
Walker, Andy81
McGhee, Mark78
Conroy, Mike73
McStay, Willie70
Stark, Billy69
Craig, Joe66
McAvennie, Frank66
Sinclair, Graeme62
Dalglish, Kenny58
McCarthy, Mick58
Lennox, Bobby55
Wilson, Paul55
McGugan, Paul54
Miller, Joe54
Conn, Alfie48
McInally, Alan47
Archdeacon, Owen41
Stanton, Pat41
Filippi, Joe40
O'Leary, Pierce40
Colquhoun, John27
Melrose, Jim27
Davidson, Vic26
Moyes, Davie24
Dziekanowski, Dariusz23
Galloway, Mike21
Munro, Frank21
Shepherd, Tony21
Crainie, Danny20
Baillie, Lex18
McCluskey, Pat18
McKnight, Allen17
Baines, Roy15
Coyne, Tommy15
Dowie, John14
Elliott, Paul13
Weir, John13
Whittaker, Brian13
Deans, Dixie11
Hewitt, John11
Casey, Jim9
Kay, Roy8
Andrews, Ian7
Wdowczyk, Dariusz7
Callaghan, Tommy6
McNamara, Jackie6
Rough, Alan6
Dobbin, Jim5
Fulton, Steve5
McCahill, Steve5
Smith, Mark5
Garner, Willie4
Halpin, John4
Hood, Harry4
Mathie, Alex3
McInally, Jim3
McWilliam, Ian3
Ritchie, Andy3
Traynor, John3
Elliot, David2
Mackie, Peter2
Buckley, John1
Connaghan, Denis1
Coyle, Ronnie1
Henderson, Atholl1
Lumsden, Jim1
McCarrison, Dugald1
McKechnie, James1
McLaughlin, Brian1

Played In Same Game (including times as substitute)

PlayerNum Times Played In Same Game As
Burns, Tommy474
McGrain, Danny423
Bonner, Pat419
MacLeod, Murdo381
McStay, Paul362
McAdam, Tom347
Provan, Davie296
McGarvey, Frank228
Latchford, Peter217
Grant, Peter196
McCluskey, George195
McClair, Brian192
MacDonald, Roddie185
Reid, Mark168
Doyle, Johnny166
Whyte, Derek163
Edvaldsson, Johannes143
Lynch, Andy125
Johnston, Mo124
Morris, Chris114
Nicholas, Charlie110
Sullivan, Dom110
McGhee, Mark108
Rogan, Anton104
Glavin, Ronnie103
Sneddon, Alan97
Walker, Andy95
Conroy, Mike88
McStay, Willie85
Lennox, Bobby84
Archdeacon, Owen82
McInally, Alan81
Stark, Billy78
Wilson, Paul75
Sinclair, Graeme70
Craig, Joe68
Miller, Joe68
McAvennie, Frank66
Dalglish, Kenny59
McGugan, Paul59
McCarthy, Mick58
Conn, Alfie53
O'Leary, Pierce45
Melrose, Jim43
Filippi, Joe42
Stanton, Pat41
Shepherd, Tony38
Colquhoun, John34
Crainie, Danny31
Moyes, Davie31
Davidson, Vic27
Dziekanowski, Dariusz24
Coyne, Tommy23
Galloway, Mike23
McCluskey, Pat23
Baillie, Lex21
Munro, Frank21
Casey, Jim19
Dowie, John17
McKnight, Allen17
Baines, Roy15
Halpin, John15
Weir, John15
Elliott, Paul13
Whittaker, Brian13
Hewitt, John12
Deans, Dixie11
Fulton, Steve8
Kay, Roy8
Mackie, Peter8
McNamara, Jackie8
Smith, Mark8
Andrews, Ian7
Callaghan, Tommy7
Dobbin, Jim7
Wdowczyk, Dariusz7
McCahill, Steve6
Rough, Alan6
Hood, Harry5
Chalmers, Paul4
Elliot, David4
Garner, Willie4
McInally, Jim4
McWilliam, Ian4
Ritchie, Andy4
Traynor, John4
Gibson, Johnny3
Mathie, Alex3
McGuire, Doug3
McLaughlin, Brian3
Coyle, Ronnie2
Hannah, Bobby2
McCarrison, Dugald2
Buckley, John1
Connaghan, Denis1
Coyne, Brian1
Duffy, Jim1
Henderson, Atholl1
Lumsden, Jim1
McCluskey, John1
McKechnie, James1

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