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Manager Records

Rangers Manager Records (Filtered)

Most Games Managed (min 10 games managed)

ManagerNum Games
Struth, Bill54
Smith, Walter46
Wilton, William42
Wallace, Jock28
Symon, Scot27
Greig, John21
Souness, Graeme20
McLeish, Alex18
Advocaat, Dick14

Highest % of wins (min 10 games managed)

Manager% Wins
Symon, Scot62.96% (17 wins from 27 games)
Struth, Bill53.70% (29 wins from 54 games)
Souness, Graeme50.00% (10 wins from 20 games)
Smith, Walter47.83% (22 wins from 46 games)
Advocaat, Dick35.71% (5 wins from 14 games)
Wallace, Jock32.14% (9 wins from 28 games)
Wilton, William26.19% (11 wins from 42 games)
McLeish, Alex22.22% (4 wins from 18 games)
Greig, John19.05% (4 wins from 21 games)

Lowest % of loses (min 10 games managed)

Manager% Wins
Struth, Bill16.67% (9 loses from 54 games)
Symon, Scot18.52% (5 loses from 27 games)
Smith, Walter26.09% (12 loses from 46 games)
Souness, Graeme30.00% (6 loses from 20 games)
Wallace, Jock32.14% (9 loses from 28 games)
Wilton, William35.71% (15 loses from 42 games)
Advocaat, Dick42.86% (6 loses from 14 games)
McLeish, Alex55.56% (10 loses from 18 games)
Greig, John57.14% (12 loses from 21 games)

Average Num Goals Per Game (min 10 games managed)

ManagerAverage Num Goals
Advocaat, Dick1.71 (from 14 games)
Symon, Scot1.70 (from 27 games)
Struth, Bill1.59 (from 54 games)
Souness, Graeme1.55 (from 20 games)
Wilton, William1.40 (from 42 games)
Smith, Walter1.30 (from 46 games)
Wallace, Jock1.25 (from 28 games)
Greig, John1.19 (from 21 games)
McLeish, Alex1.00 (from 18 games)

Average Num Goals Conceded Per Game (min 10 games managed)

ManagerAverage Num Goals
Smith, Walter0.98 (from 46 games)
Struth, Bill1.00 (from 54 games)
Symon, Scot1.07 (from 27 games)
Souness, Graeme1.15 (from 20 games)
Wallace, Jock1.25 (from 28 games)
McLeish, Alex1.39 (from 18 games)
Wilton, William1.52 (from 42 games)
Greig, John1.71 (from 21 games)
Advocaat, Dick1.79 (from 14 games)

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