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Celtic Results List

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Results Against Aberdeen


DateVenueCompetition (Round)OpponentResultScore
04/05/2019AwayScottish League (Premiership / 36)AberdeenW3-0
14/04/2019NeutralScottish Cup (Semi Final)AberdeenW3-0
09/03/2019HomeScottish League (Premiership / 29)AberdeenD0-0
26/12/2018AwayScottish League (Premiership / 19)AberdeenW4-3
02/12/2018NeutralLeague Cup (Final)AberdeenW1-0
29/09/2018HomeScottish League (Premiership / 7)AberdeenW1-0


DateVenueCompetition (Round)OpponentResultScore
13/05/2018HomeScottish League (Premiership / 38)AberdeenL0-1
25/02/2018AwayScottish League (Premiership / 28)AberdeenW2-0
23/12/2017HomeScottish League (Premiership / 20)AberdeenW3-0
25/10/2017AwayScottish League (Premiership / 10)AberdeenW3-0


DateVenueCompetition (Round)OpponentResultScore
27/05/2017NeutralScottish Cup (Final)AberdeenW2-1
12/05/2017AwayScottish League (Premiership / 36)AberdeenW3-1
01/02/2017HomeScottish League (Premiership / 23)AberdeenW1-0
27/11/2016NeutralLeague Cup (Final)AberdeenW3-0
29/10/2016AwayScottish League (Premiership / 10)AberdeenW1-0
27/08/2016HomeScottish League (Premiership / 3)AberdeenW4-1


DateVenueCompetition (Round)OpponentResultScore
08/05/2016HomeScottish League (Premiership / 36)AberdeenW3-2
03/02/2016AwayScottish League (Premiership / 24)AberdeenL1-2
31/10/2015HomeScottish League (Premiership / 13)AberdeenW3-1
12/09/2015AwayScottish League (Premiership / 7)AberdeenL1-2


DateVenueCompetition (Round)OpponentResultScore
10/05/2015AwayScottish League (Premiership / 36)AberdeenW1-0
01/03/2015HomeScottish League (Premiership / 26)AberdeenW4-0
09/11/2014AwayScottish League (Premiership / 12)AberdeenW2-1
13/09/2014HomeScottish League (Premiership / 5)AberdeenW2-1


DateVenueCompetition (Round)OpponentResultScore
03/05/2014HomeScottish League (Premiership / 36)AberdeenW5-2
25/02/2014AwayScottish League (Premiership / 27)AberdeenL1-2
08/02/2014HomeScottish Cup (R5)AberdeenL1-2
23/11/2013HomeScottish League (Premiership / 13)AberdeenW3-1
17/08/2013AwayScottish League (Premiership / 2)AberdeenW2-0


DateVenueCompetition (Round)OpponentResultScore
16/03/2013HomeScottish League (SPL / 31)AberdeenW4-3
17/11/2012AwayScottish League (SPL / 13)AberdeenW2-0
04/08/2012HomeScottish League (SPL / 1)AberdeenW1-0


DateVenueCompetition (Round)OpponentResultScore
03/03/2012AwayScottish League (SPL / 30)AberdeenD1-1
23/10/2011HomeScottish League (SPL / 11)AberdeenW2-1
07/08/2011AwayScottish League (SPL / 2)AberdeenW1-0


DateVenueCompetition (Round)OpponentResultScore
17/04/2011NeutralScottish Cup (Semi Final)AberdeenW4-0
01/02/2011AwayScottish League (SPL / 24)AberdeenW3-0
29/01/2011NeutralLeague Cup (Semi Final)AberdeenW4-1
22/01/2011HomeScottish League (SPL / 22)AberdeenW1-0
06/11/2010HomeScottish League (SPL / 11)AberdeenW9-0


DateVenueCompetition (Round)OpponentResultScore
13/02/2010AwayScottish League (SPL / 25)AberdeenD4-4
05/12/2009HomeScottish League (SPL / 14)AberdeenW3-0
15/08/2009AwayScottish League (SPL / 1)AberdeenW3-1


DateVenueCompetition (Round)OpponentResultScore
02/05/2009AwayScottish League (SPL / 34)AberdeenW3-1
18/04/2009HomeScottish League (SPL / 33)AberdeenW2-0
18/01/2009AwayScottish League (SPL / 22)AberdeenL2-4
27/09/2008HomeScottish League (SPL / 7)AberdeenW3-2


DateVenueCompetition (Round)OpponentResultScore
19/04/2008HomeScottish League (SPL / 34)AberdeenW1-0
18/03/2008HomeScottish Cup (R6 Replay)AberdeenL0-1
09/03/2008AwayScottish Cup (R6)AberdeenD1-1

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