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List of Referees Involved in Scotland Games

Referee List:- 519 Referees. Page 1 of 6

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Adams, Arthur (England)Agnolin, Luigi (Italy)Ahlner, Sten R. (Sweden)
Al-Nasir, Abdullah (Saudi Arabia)Albrecht, Hermann (Germany)Aldinger, Heinz (West Germany)
Alimov, Sergei (Ussr)Allaerts, Paul (Belgium)Andersson, John Erik (Sweden)
Andreco, Otto (Romania)Andrews, H.W. (England)Anghelinei, Viorel (Romania)
Aranovsky, Yevgen (Ukraine)Archundia, Alfonso Gonzalez (Mexico)Ardeleanu, Petr (Czech Republic)
Argent, Charles E. (England)Argue, Julian (Spain)Armitt, Thomas (England)
Atkinson, Martin (England)Atwood, Alfred James (Wales)Axelsson, Arne (Sweden)
Aytekin, Deniz (Germany)Azim-Zade, Eldar (Ussr)Azon, Ramon (Spain)
Azpitarte, Ildefonso Urizar (Spain)Bachramov, Tofik (Ussr)Baker, Isaac (England)
Bamlett, Herbert S. (England)Banti, Luca (Italy)Barbaresco, Enzo (Italy)
Bartolo, Olegario (Benqueren)Barton, Dr.Arthur W. (England)Baumann, Jakob (Switzerland)
Bauwens, Dr.Peco (Germany)Bebek, Ivan (Croatia)Bejarano, Henry (Costa Rica)
Bell, William (Scotland)Beranek, Alois (Austria)Berke, Balazs (Hungary)
Bernardi, Dr.Giorgio (Italy)Bezborodov, Vladislav (Russia)Bieri, Alain (Switzerland)
Biwersi, Ferdinand (West Germany)Blankenstein, John (Holland)Bleeckere, Frank De (Belgium)
Blom, Kevin (Holland)Boekel, Pol van (Holland)Bognar, Tamas (Hungary)
Bohunek, Karel (Czech Republic)Bond, Alfred (England)Bonilla, E (El Salvador)
Bonnet, Paul (Malta)Borbalán, David Fernández (Spain)Borg, Marco (Malta)
Bostrom, Einar Johan (Sweden)Braamhaar, Eric (Holland)Braschi, Stefano (Italy)
Bre, Stephane (France)Brisard, Jerome (France)Bronkhorst, Johann (Holland)
Brozzi, Juan Regis (Argentina)Brych, Felix (Germany)Bujsaim, Ali Mohamed (United Arab Emirates)
Buquet, Ruddy (France)Burns, Kenneth H. (England)Burns, Kenneth Howard (England)
Burtenshaw, Norman C.H. (England)Busacca, Massimo (Switzerland)Butenko, Valeri (Ussr)
Bye, Frederick (England)Cakar, Ahmet (Turkey)Cakir, Cuneyt (Turkey)
Calderon, Luis Siles (Costa Rica)Callaghan, Leo (Wales)Campanati, Giulio (Italy)
Campbell, Thomas P. (England)Campos, Joaquim Fernandes de (Portugal)Carev, Josef (Bulgaria)
Carlsson, Hans (Sweden)Carraro, Albino (Italy)Carter, Manlio Eduardo Brizi (Mexico)
Casarin, Paolo (Italy)Caswell, Isaac (England)Ceferin, Darko (Slovenia)
Chan, Siu Kee (Hong Kong)Christov, Vojtech (Czechoslovakia)Clarke, Philip (Canada)
Clegg, John Charles (England)Clements, William (England)Clough, John Harold (England)
Coates, Peter P. (Eire)Coerezza, Angel Norberto (Argentina)Collina, Pierluigi (Italy)
Colombo, Claude (France)Connolly, Tomas (Eire)Cooper, James (England)
Cooper, John W.A. (Wales)Correia, Joao Martins Pinto (Portugal)Corver, Charles (Holland)

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